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Eyelash extensions?  I’m daring, so I decided to give it a try.  Turns out, a propensity towards adventure is not required.  The entire process of getting and maintaining the lashes was simple and easy.  In fact, I fell asleep while Jordan gently applied the lash extensions.  I love the way the lashes look!  Most importantly, I love how easy it has been to maintain the lashes! 

On many occasions I’ve worn fake lashes – the kind you can buy in any make-up store.  I’ve had those fake lashes professionally applied and have tried the supposedly better “individual lashes.”  There is absolutely no comparison between the fake lashes and eyelash extensions!  As soon as the wedding or whatever event prompted me to apply the fake lashes is over, I reach for the baby oil and take them off.  Not the case with the extensions.  Since they are not applied to my eyelid, but are actually glued straight onto my lashes, I haven’t even noticed them.  After one day of getting used to how I look  in the mirror, I have truly grown to love the look and the ease of the lash extensions.  I highly recommend them.  Whether at the beach or shedding some tears at a wedding, avoid having that “mascara running down your face” look and get lash extensions instead! 

-Carey G.  

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Lash extensions enhance natural beauty for a variety of ethnicities, eye and hair colors.